Your Personalised Software Suite

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Hospital Administration Software

Fisart H.A.S (Hospital Administration Software) have been transforming the way hospitals have been working. From reduced cost, better quality control and providing world class patient experience, H.A.S has done it all.

Some of our modules include - Pharmacy Administration, Inventory Management, Scheduling Assistant, a Comprehensive EHR, Admissions Management and Finance Administration.

H.A.S complements extremely well with your workforce letting them concentrate on more important things.

Fertility Management Software

Fisart IVF was the outcomes of years of research and backbreaking coding. It was our first step into the world of healthcare software and the first embodiment of our motto - Combining empathy and technology.

Our fertility software at its core is designed with one aim - Getting your patient a better success rate. And this is made possible by ensuring that every field, every line of code and every action within the software fulfils this purpose.

Definitely purpose-built we aim to empower your staff with tools to make the job easier and accurate and also help them make better and informed decisions. In-built quality control mechanisms, efficient treatment calender tracking, embryo tracking and so much more can be done with perfection and ease.

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The Fisart App Suite

A passionate set of people came together with only one goal - Make the pursuit of good health simple, and even quick.

Apps for people who go day in and day out with nagging doubts about their health, for doctors who wants things streamlined and for hospital owners looking to elevate customer experience.

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Something for everyone!

The Fisart Suite of Apps helps doctors and hospitals with their day to day tasks and also helps people like you and me, the common man to stay healthy.

For You and Me

Track your periods, consult with doctors/hospitals and know what's happening in the healthcare world.

For Doctors

Video Consult with patients across the world, manage your schedule and connect with users across the world.

For Hospitals

Run your hospital from the palm of your hand! Analytical Dashboards, detailed reports and smart notifications makes hospital management a breeze.

Fisart Consult

Distance should never be a barrier to getting expert medical consultation. With Fisart Consult, we're bridging the distance between you and renowned Doctors across specialties.